About Karbonize Kustoms

We are Karbonized Kustoms. Scotland's finest one stop shop for vehicle customisation. We believe in offering all of our customers a bespoke service to meet their needs and requirements to make their car #OneOfOne. 


So who are we?

I am Derek Martin, the director of Karbonize Kustoms. I'm a lifelong motorhead. I have previously worked for Volkswagen but subsequently spent ten years working in the offshore oil and gas industry.  Now in an effort to spend more time at home with my family I decided to follow my lifelong passion and start Karbonize Kustoms. Having previously owned many high end and performance cars, I know how special the relationship can be between a driver and their car. If you are a true enthusiast your car is special to you, I decided to start a company with the idea of making the special extra special. Come down, see us, talk to us. We are all about making your experience as enjoyable as possible and delivering a #OneOfOne experience with results to match.