Full Colour Change

Create the ultimate personalised statement for your ride with a colour change wrap from the team at Karbonize Kustoms. With hundreds colours to choose from, using only the finest materials from 3M and Avery Dennison a Karbonize Kustoms vehicle wrap is the simplest way to create the look you have been wanting.

In addition to the hundreds of gloss colours we have available, you can take advantage of the many unique specialty materials available such as carbon fibre or matte black vinyl to create car wrap graphics that add a subtle layer to your car’s existing appearance.


A vinyl car wrap not only gives your vehicle a unique look, it also protects your factory paint job, ensuring that your vehicle stays as pristine as the day you bought it. With the vinyl wrap covering your original paint and keeping it protected from the weather, you can be assured that when you peel the vinyl off your car will look just like the day you bought it thanks to your car wrap.

No matter how big or small your ride, we can create the perfect fit with a vehicle wrap that conveys your style. Contact us today to discuss your project!



The gloss black vinyl roof wrap is extremely popular right now and definitely one of the fastest growing trends. This simple and inexpensive wrap enhances your car and totally changes the look of your ride. Not sure whether gloss black is the right colour for you? Well depending on your make and model a satin black or carbon fibre roof wrap may suit better. The options are endless!



Whether it's wing mirrors, bonnet, front bumper or any other body panel that you want either a different colour or colour coded to match your ride, we can hook you up. Come in and see us for a quote on we can meet your needs.